About Us

Safe Harbor
is the
Up-Market Brand of Identity Stronghold.


We developed Safe Harbor in response to customer and retail requests to offer a luxury line in addition to the over 160+ different styles and designs we currently offer to men and women under the Identity Stronghold brand.

We feel especially good about the brand name Safe Harbor, as it embodies our feelings of what our products should offer – a safe place for you to store your important cards and credentials – a safe haven or Safe Harbor.

We know that at some point, every brand is ‘new’ to the marketplace and its brand name is unknown. But over time, based on performance and word-of-mouth, brands become commonplace and known for quality and value.

Safe Harbor is the best of our best, and we believe BEST in MARKET:

We offer Safe Harbor to you because we know that brands are important, and that through our new brand, Safe Harbor, we can deliver the quality and value that you seek.  The brand is only relevant if it delivers on the key attributes:  fashion-forward styling and protection. 

We believe Safe Harbor does.